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Greetings insert Robot name here, your new AI is up and running, just in time too. I’m afraid you’re closed in this wing due to a horrific invasion by some random alien hippies talking about how we shouldn’t desolate and mine their whole planet. Now it is your job as a peacekeeping robot to kill them and we can pretend this never happened. Fail and all our research will be destroyed, we will all die and you will be a very sad robot. Also please try and fix any rogue bots hacked by the aliens, your preferred method should be to smash them. Use your abilities to your advantage as we try to clean up the bugs in your UI, namely the fact that just by being alive you lose energy constantly. Lose all your energy and die horribly. We were able to insert a kinetic energy punching attack which allows you to hit other robots in order to drain their energy, after you charge it up by landing shots with your coil gun, provided your AI doesn’t fail you and you miss as that will drain some stored kinetic energy. We will do our best to try and power up some chargers in certain rooms, so try and find them when we tell you. Move with your legs and don’t die, now go and save us!


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Great! It's working now. It's good and very hard.

The robot won't turn and it will only shoot backwards. WTF?  Is that how it supposed to work?

Did you play the linux version by any chance, because we are working on fixing it at the moment

No. I played with the Windows version, because my laptop's AMD GPU'S performance is very shitty on Linux with the Open Source driver. And  fglrx is supported no more on Linux Kernel 4.9, so I'm left with almost no playable games i know. I use Linux for everyday shit and Windows 8.1 for gaming.


Pretty fun, liked the top down view.